Customized boxes and containers

Customized polypropylene solutions

Polypropylene is one of the best materials for the production of boxes and custom packaging for any situation where a company has one or more of the following technical, economic or ecological needs:

  • Avoid the dust contamination, typical of paper and cardboard packaging
  • Avoid the accumulation of moisture and grease and the proliferation of molds
  • Ensure waterproofing
  • Resistance to viruses and bacteria
  • Reuse of the packaging for several times
  • Use an easily recyclable material
  • Use packaging made of recycled material
  • Use a very strong yet light material

The Polionda® and Ondaplaque polypropylene sheets produced by Ondaplast are ideal for the production of custom boxes and containers that meet all these requirements, and they are invaluable for a wide range of applications, like:

  • Standard boxes in all FEFCO sizes
  • Made-to-measure boxes, also foldable, with different types of lids
  • Stackable containers, with handles and overlap frames or corner supports
  • Storage bins for e-commerce and LSR Large-Scale Retailers
  • Customized boxes for archives
  • Recycling bins
  • Packaging and containers for the agri-food sector – fruit and vegetables, fish, meat – in full compliance with the ISO 15593 standard.

Upon request, all Ondaplast products can be produced with recycled plastics, or in ESD conductive polypropylene (Electro-Static Discharge PP, with a value of 106 Ω according to the ASTM D 257 method) for applications in the field of electronics, or in VCI anti-corrosion PP for oxidable metal parts, and also with anti-UV additives to ensure a very long life also outdoors under the sun.

All Ondaplast boxes and containers can be made with polypropylene of any color and customized with digital, flexographic and screen printing.

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