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European Leaders in the Sector of Corrugated and Solid PP Sheets and Packaging

Ondaplast is one of the leading companies in Europe in the extrusion and transformation of corrugated and solid PP sheets. The company has been operating with competence and passion for work for nearly 40 years, and today the annual production exceeds 20,000 tons.

The main goal of Ondaplast is to delight the customers with the highest levels of service, thanks to continuous investments in innovative technologies, dedication and great flexibility.

The production process at Ondaplast starts with design and prototyping, two key phases to ensure that the customer expectations will be fully met. Once the project is approved, the Polionda® and Ondaplaque sheets are extruded and then printed, die-cut, welded, assembled and finally packaged.

The Ondaplast technical department welcomes even the most ambitious projects with the utmost enthusiasm, and takes advantage of every challenge to increase its expertise.

The two Ondaplast sites, in Longiano (Italy) and Subotica (Serbia), cooperate constantly with universities and research centers, and invest a significant share of the revenues to stay on the edge of innovation and efficiency.

Furthermore, the availability of two equivalent manufacturing plants guarantees the continuity of the supply to every customer in all circumstances, and is a shield against the most unpredictable events. This way Ondaplast provides great peace of mind, especially to those companies working in the most delicate sectors like pharmaceutical goods.

The Company is firmly convinced of the need to respect the environment and to anticipate future trends. Today Ondaplast already makes extensive use of recycled, recyclable and environmentally friendly plastics, but for the future is looking to an ever greater biological integration.

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