PP Reusable containers

Today every company is in search for packaging solutions that can reduce the costs and the environmental impact.

In this context, Ondabox is the best investment to make logistics more economical and sustainable.

Ondaplast’s reusable and collapsible container is the perfect solution to implement a strategy of reuse in favor of saving, to combine economy and ecology, reducing costs while protecting the environment.

Thanks to its characteristics of resistance, durability and significant volume reduction when empty, Ondabox can optimize the transport and storage costs of any company.

In fact, Ondabox can be reused for several years and its folding structure helps to reduce the transport costs up to 80%.

The advantages of a reusable container are many:

  • 100% recyclable.
  • Sustainable alternative to one-way solutions.
  • More protection of the transported products.
  • Longer durability compared to cardboard.
  • No release of dust, waterproofing and protection against molds and bacteria.
  • Non-toxicity, hence suitability also for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Ondabox is available in different dimensions, and it is made of a pallet and a lid in injection-molded HDPE holding a Polionda® corrugated PP foldable sleeve that can be assembled very easily in a few seconds.

The sleeve can be customized with digital printing and equipped with doors to ease the access; the upper and lower edges are welded to avoid injuries during its handling and to ensure waterproofness. The internal fittings of the container, like dividers and layers, also with PE foam, can be customized for every need.

The container is available in 3 standard sizes or with totally customized dimensions to satisfy every customer need.

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