Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Polypropylene Packaging

Features and applications

Ondaplast is one of the main European producers of pharma and cosmetics PP packaging, offering a number of unique benefits:
The total vertical integration of the production process, from the extrusion to the transformation to the packaging of the finished products: this guarantees the continuous control of the materials quality and pureness throughout all the manufacturing stages.
The use of two pressurized pharmaceutical rooms, one per plant, hosting the assembly and packaging operations. They operate according to strict hygiene protocols to guarantee the total absence of contamination.
The two Ondaplast manufacturing plants, in Italy and Serbia, provide better proximity to the Western and to the Eastern European customers. At the same time, they perform the function of reciprocal assurance: the dual production facilities guarantee all customers to be served under all circumstances, and let them avoid to engage with too many suppliers for back-up.

The Ondaplast production standards are guaranteed by ISO 15593 certification.

Polypropylene beehive for pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical Trays, Boxes and Dividers

The production of drugs and cosmetics, especially of the injectable type, is extremely delicate and requires the highest standards of hygiene. Indeed, the accidental injection of a single particle of dust into the human body can cause very unpredictable and regrettable consequences.

The plastic packaging can contribute to lower significantly these risks, thanks to its molecular cohesion and its structural stability.

The secondary packaging in solid and corrugated PP offers significant advantages in the handling and storage of vials, ampoules, cartridges and syringes:
- Impermeability to water, humidity and greasy substances
- Immunity against fungi and molds
- Absence of bacterial proliferation
- Chemical and biological inertness
- Possibility of sterilization, also with gamma rays
- Total recyclability - Please remember also that Ondaplast is always willing to collect used PP packaging for direct recycling.
The replacement of paper and cardboard with polypropylene packaging is continuous and unstoppable. Ondaplast is determined to keep investing in the best technologies to serve highly sophisticated industries like pharmaceutical and cosmetics, and to be ideal partner for all the companies that pursue excellence.
Ondaplast does not accept compromises and its main goal is to fully satisfy the customers with the best products and services.

Adaptability and security

Lightness, cleanliness, easy cleaning and sterilisation possibility

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