Sustainability is a fundamental aspect of our life, especially with regards to packaging.

Ondaplast is aware and therefore deeply convinced of how sustainable and socially responsible behavior has become an essential condition for a company’s long-term success.

The growing attention to these issues has led to the creation of new rules and laws that represent a challenge both for producers and users of plastic packaging.

But even before this, we at Ondaplast feel the social responsibility to have products and processes that are at the forefront in terms of eco-sustainability.

An important aspect is the management of plastic waste.

Ondaplast circular economy

Ondaplast is an active part within a circular economy system, where the packaging, once used, is recovered directly by Ondaplast itself or through a network of specialized partners, thus generating new raw material from these scraps.

More generally, the entire production process as well as the product life cycle, combines the highest quality levels with sustainability, reduction of waste and scraps, energy efficiency (also through the use of renewable sources) as well as the reuse of the products themselves for many cycles and their recyclability.

Finally, not all plastics are the same. Ondaplast use only Polypropylene, 100% recyclable, also certified for food contact and in line with all the most stringent regulations (phtalate-free, MOHS, MOAS, RoHS, Reach)

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