Glass Industry

Layer Pads for the Glass Industry

Features and applications

The Ondaplast layer pads are designed to meet every customer need in the storage and handling of glass bottles and jars, as well as plastic containers and tin cans. They can be produced either with solid or corrugated PP sheets.

The corrugated layer pads, based on the Polionda® sheets, have a welded perimeter that allows washing, to guarantee maximum hygiene and allow the removal of contamination or dirt.

The solid layer pads, based on the Ondaplaque sheets, have a chamfered perimeter (with an exclusive Ondaplast design) to prevent damage to the stretch film wrapping the pallet.

pp layer pads for glass industry
The range of layer pads includes different weights, colors and sizes, as well as the possibility of encoding the sheets either with laser printing (patented), or ink-jet, or thermal transfer.
While each container has specific dimensions and weight, the choice of the right layer pad is fundamental: our technical staff is able to suggest the best solution for every situation.

Ondaplast is the supplier of all the leaders in the hollow glass sector and this is the best guarantee for our customers

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