Food and Farming

Polionda® Corrugated PP Products for the Food Industry.

Features and applications

Ondaplast produces sheets and packaging for the food industry according to ISO 15593 (formerly HACCP) and in full compliance with the highest standards of food hygiene and safety.
The packaging solutions made with Polionda® corrugated PP are waterproof and allow to carry, store and distribute safely vegetables, fruits, fish and meats, maintaining the freshness and improving the durability.

The Ondaplast products for the food industry are generally custom-made Polionda® boxes, specifically designed to withstand the stresses due to handling and the peculiar environmental conditions of trucking and refrigeration.

Boxes for fruit and vegetables, as well as the boxes for fish and meat, can be customized with digital or flexographic prints according to graphic designs provided by the customer or made by our technical department.



The Polionda® shelters are UV-resistant and are widely used in the tree crops which are threatened by rodents, to protect the plants when they are younger and more vulnerable. The anti-UV additive gives Polionda® a long life, which can reach even 3 to 5 years in the most aggressive conditions.

Other Corrugated PP Products

Polionda® is very useful also in the production of:
• Insect traps
• Packaging for jars
• Rolls for irrigation channels and containment tanks, outdoors and in the greenhouses.

The production of articles containing mechanically recycled plastics complies with the requirements set by EU Regulation 1616/22, which also amended Regulation EC 2023/2006. Ondaplast has completed the registration of its facilities and processes in the community register and has already obtained the RIN, RON, RFN codes. (

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