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Industrial Packaging in Corrugated Polypropylene

Features and applications

The corrugated PP packaging is the winning choice for any industrial company that wants to:
- Ensure the integrity of the products against the external agents and to avoid the typical problems associated with the use of cardboard, i.e.: vulnerability to water, moisture and lubricants; release of dust; high perishability – usually the cardboard packaging is single use.
- Use customized multipurpose plastic packaging in small and medium quantities, avoiding the investments for the injection molds.

The customers who choose Ondaplast benefit from the unique advantages given by the total vertical integration of the production process, from the extrusion of the polypropylene granulate to the transformation of the sheets into finished products:
- Technical consultancy, based on a deep knowledge of the polymers and the manufacturing processes.
- Continuous quality control in all stages, from the manufacturing of the semi-finished products in Polionda® to the final packaging product.
- Very short delivery times for samples as well as for production series, with intelligent management of emergency situations.

When required, the Polionda® sheets can be made using a set of additives:
Conductive (ESD)
Anti-corrosion (VCI)
Flame retardant (FR)

Polypropylene is an easily recyclable polymer and, wherever possible, Ondaplast promotes the use of recycled plastic.

Polypropylene is an easily recyclable polymer and, where possible, Ondaplast always promotes the use of recycled plastic.

Fields of use

multipurpose plastic packaging


The automotive industry is characterized by a very high degree of competition, and the packaging plays a key role on the integrity of the components along the supply chains and on the bottom lines of the OEM manufacturers and their suppliers.

Ondaplast offers a wide range of reusable packaging, which are the ideal solution to carry components in small and medium production volumes - on average up to approx. 100,000 pcs / year.

The packaging solutions include:
- Polionda® boxes made-to-measure, also with polyethylene (PE) foam inserts.
- Collapsible Ondabox containers with HDPE pallet, lid and a high resistance Polionda® sleeve (up to 2,500 gr./sqm, with technical characteristics equivalent to the bubble guard but with lower production costs).
- Customized dividers in Polionda®
- Closed cell PE foam packaging for the transport of very delicate products, such as small electric motors or painted trims.

All Polionda® solutions are completely recyclable and, upon request, can be made of recycled plastics.

Polionda® is available also in an ESD version for the packaging of electronic components and with VCI additive in order to prevent the oxidation of metallic elements.

polionda for the steel industry

Steel Industry

Polionda® is suitable for a wide range of solutions for the protection and packaging of steel products.
The Ondaplast production cycle and its efficient logistics guarantee a quick and efficient service to the producers of coils, sheets, tubes and every other product in aluminum or stainless steel.
The most popular Ondaplast products in this segment are: Polionda® sheets and corner profiles. These items are suitable for printing and, if needed, can be produced using the VCI anti-corrosion additives.

A smart solution

Polionda® is the most used solution for the protection of steel industry products

componenti elettronici


The Polionda® sheets and the closed cell PE foam in conductive ESD (Electro Static Discharge) materials are made using specific plastics where metallic molecules are nested into the polymer chains.
The high electrical conductivity of the packaging prevents the accumulation of electrostatic charges, protecting the products from the damages that can be provoked by electric shocks.
The ESD polymers can be used in the production of any Polionda® and PE products, like boxes, dividers, etc., and they are completely recyclable and certifiable.

Excellent resistance to acids

At the end of the household appliance’s life, the sheet can be salvaged and recycled or sent to the city dumping ground as municipal waste.

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