Polypropylene pharmaceutical packaging: characteristics and benefits

Polypropylene pharmaceutical packaging: characteristics and benefits

The pharmaceutical packaging plays a key role in the protection of the product.
The criteria for its design are particularly strict in order to make it extremely safe and reliable in compliance with the highest standards of hygiene and safety required by the pharmaceutical industry.

For this reason, the secondary packaging in polypropylene is preferred to the cardboard packaging thanks to a series of unique advantages:

  • Impermeability to water, humidity and greasy substances
  • Immunity against fungi and molds
  • Absence of bacterial proliferation
  • Chemical and biological inertness
  • Possibility of sterilization also with gamma rays
  • Total recyclability

Ondaplast is one of the main European manufacturers of pharmaceutical and cosmetics PP packaging, and offers to the customers a number of important benefits:

  • The total vertical integration of the production process, from the extrusion, to the transformation and the packaging of the finished product: this guarantees constant quality controls throughout all the manufacturing stages.
  • The use of two pressurized pharmaceutical rooms, one per manufacturing plant, hosting the assembly and packaging operations. They operate according to strict hygiene protocols to guarantee total absence of contamination.
  • The two Ondaplast manufacturing sites, in Italy and Serbia, provide better proximity to the Western and to the Eastern European customers. At the same time, they perform the function of reciprocal assurance: the dual production facilities guarantee all customers to be served under all circumstances and let them avoid to engage with too many suppliers for back-up.

Each Ondaplast product is a unique combination of cutting-edge technologies, investments and high-level materials, all fostering a single objective: the maximum customer satisfaction.