Polionda® packaging: when and why you should choose it

Polionda® packaging: when and why you should choose it

We often hear about Polionda® in the fields of digital printing and paper converting, but this material is widely used also in many other sectors, mainly for the production of technical and reusable packaging.

The polypropylene, or PP, is indeed a plastic material that at times offers indispensable benefits:

  1. Waterproofing
  2. Stability and absence of dust
  3. Resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents
  4. Long life
  5. Very simple and economical recyclability

Furthermore, when used in the corrugated structure typical of the Polionda® sheets, it confers stiffness, lightness and impact resistance.

All these features make the Polionda® products extremely interesting for many areas, including:

  • The sector of technical and reusable packaging, in particular for the storage and transport of products and components in the automotive, electronics and steel industries.
  • The pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, where attention to hygiene is maximum.
  • Glass factory warehouses, where washable PP sheets can have a life cycle of several years.
  • The agri-food sector, for the production of shelters and boxes to carry fruits and vegetables.
  • Separate garbage collection, for the production of containers.

Polionda® is the perfect substitute for corrugated cardboard in countless applications and Ondaplast, thanks to the complete vertical integration of the production activities, can offer high quality solutions that are always tailor-made to guarantee the maximum customer satisfaction.

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