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Features and applications

In the world of industrial packaging, the corrugated Polionda sheet has won the approval of leader companies due to its characteristics of reusability, lightness, weatherability and chemical product resistance. Its advanced mechanical features, combined with the many possibilities for the personalization of our product, give Polionda an extra advantage with respect to traditional materials.
The product is manufactured with different formulations in order to be operational for specific requirements such as:
• anti-UV Polionda
• conductive/dissipative/ antistatic Polionda
• antibacterial Polionda
• anticorrosive Polionda
• flame retardant (FR) Polionda
• controlled coefficient of friction (COF) Polionda
multipurpose plastic packaging


The pp Polionda sheet is an optimal solution in the spare parts replacement and internal logistics industry whose products are used by automotive manufacturers who want to mantein the highest quality standards. Its reusability, lack of dust, optimal resistance to solvents and oils and the fact that it is uncontaminated by other chemical agents make Polionda® practically irreplaceable and the preferred solution to other products.

Polionda® is also the starting point for the realization of complex packaging systems such as frameworks, boxes and containers.

Polionda® is available also in an ESD version for the packaging of electronic components and with VCI additive in order to prevent the oxidation of metallic elements.

polionda packaging for electronics

Industrial Packaging

The movement and storage of materials in an efficient, fast and safe way is one of the strategic objectives of every company. Thanks to Polionda and to the logistical solutions that it allows, today it is possible to manage these functions in the best way and to realize a traceability system that is impossible to have with classic materials such as cardboard.
More and more often Polionda has been combined with the use of RFID identifiers in order to make the localization and identification of materials completely automatic.
It is in fact preferred to the traditional systems of protection with carton corners and pallet coverings that are used to protect materials against humidity. The lightness and easy adaptability of this product have guaranteed a simple but effective protection of pallets.

Lightness and ductility

Polionda® is also available in VCI anti-corrosion specification

polionda for the steel industry

Steel Industry

Polionda PP sheet is the best solution for the steel industry, which must always pay the highest attention to the protection of its products.
Originally used only as a Layer pad or to protect coils, aluminium, or inox tubulars, Polionda® today has gained new applications.

A smart solution

Polionda® is the most used solution for the protection of steel industry products

polypropylene components for refrigerators


The corrugated Polionda ® sheets in Polypropylene have demonstrated to be the winning solution in the production of domestic refrigerators.
Conveniently die cut sheets contain polyurethane foam with a non-conducting function, which also works as a barrier to keep water vapour out. Without this barrier in time this vapour can damage the polyurethane foam and reduce its insulating properties.
Furthermore, the Polionda® sheet has an optimal resistance to acids, bases, solvents and detergents, and it is untouchable by fungus, mildew and bacteria.

Excellent resistance to acids

At the end of the household appliance’s life, the sheet can be salvaged and recycled or sent to the city dumping ground as municipal waste.

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