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Features and applications

Polionda is the ideal support for graphic arts and printing, thanks to its low weight, resistance and its adaptability to different types of printing
It is used for advertising panels, displays, signage, etc.

• Thickness and weight: from 1.9 to 20 mm - from 250 gr to 4000 gr
• Colors: available in a wide variety of colors
• Treatments: anti UV, antistatic, dissipative, VCI, flame retardant

polionda sheets for printing
Ondaplaque is the ideal solution for printing on solid plate
• Thicknesses: from 0.40 to 3.0
• Specific weight: 0.92
• Corlori: available in a wide variety of colors
• Finishes: Matt / Quartz M / Q - Matt / Matt M / M - Polished / Quartz L / Q - Polished / Polished L / L
• Treatments: anti UV and antistatic

Ondaplast sheets are also ideal for products for the paper converting sector, where the ease of printing is combined with flexibility in the transformation into finished products such as displays, folders, covers, briefcases, boxes and various containers


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