Food Packaging

Ondaplast food packaging is the ideal solution for food logistics

Features and applications

Ondaplast produces sheets and packaging for the food industry according to ISO 15593 (formerly HACCP).

This guarantees compliance with the highest standards in terms of hygiene and food safety.

The packaging solutions based on the Polionda sheet allow you to transport and store your food products, whether fruit and vegetables or meat or fish, maintaining their freshness and preserve them.

The Ondaplast range includes cassettes designed specifically to withstand the typical stresses associated with handling and the particular environmental characteristics of those who handle these products.

In addition, Ondaplast uses cutting-edge solutions to print containers with extreme flexibility and high quality, thanks to digital printing technologies.

Obviously all the materials used are compatible with food contact.

polionda food trays
The boxes made with Polionda material are the best solution to maintain the freshness of your products.

Furthermore Polionda lends itself to be printed and personalized, to allow the promotion of image and trademarks related to the product.

Our material is ideal in terms of resistance to water, damp environments and hygiene.

Fruit and vegetables boxes

Boxes for fish and meat

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