Floor protection

Lightness, adaptability and duration

Features and applications

The Polionda sheets of Ondaplast allow a wide range of applications and solutions even in the world of construction, building in general and shipbuilding.
Corrugated Sheets for floor protection
The Polionda sheet is particularly suited to be used for the protection of floors and walls from bumps and scratches inside construction sites, be they building or naval.
With this product, developed specifically for this application, you can protect floors, stairs, walls, etc.
There are solutions with rectangular plates or puzzles, to adapt to your needs.
Ondaplast sheets are also available in a flame retardant version, with LPCB certification

Sheets for the protection of floors and walls

Beamform Border Sheets

Modern construction techniques require the use of plates to hold the foundations.

The advantages are many:
- The sheet remain in place, therefore maintenance and transport after use are not required, as in the case of wooden formworks
- The sheet, remaining in place, protect the foundations from humidity and act as thermal insulation
- Robust, economical, versatile and easy to apply

Corrugated Sheets for floor protection
Ondaplast also produces sheets used to protect the external perimeters of construction sites.

These sheets, in addition to the usual characteristics of robustness, lightness and ease of installation, are also customizable to allow the use of surfaces as advertising spaces.

Ondaplast is able to print perimeter sheets in a high quality and in a flexible way according to the needs of its customers

Perimeter sheets for construction sites

Sheets for laying underfloor heating

It is a special application, developed by Ondaplast that allows to optimize and make efficient the laying of pipes for floor heating.

On the plates are printed the references for the laying of the tubes, and these plates are supplied folded and packaged so as to make their handling easy.

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