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Floor protection

Lightness, adaptability and duration

Features and applications

The Polionda® Floor-protection sheets in corrugated polypropylene have many distinguishing characteristics. They can protect antique or modern floors from impact or scratches caused by walking, the falling of heavy objects (hammers, ladders etc.) or by the movement of heavy machinery (toolboxes, fork lifts, rolling scaffolding etc.).
As well as being light, adaptable, and durable, it also has flame retardant characteristics and is an environmental-friendly product.
The newest building techniques are moving towards the systematic use of Beamform Polionda® in the foundation jetting.
In comparison with the traditional technique that uses standard panels of processed wood, the polypropylene Polonda® sheets are lighter but solidly built, cheaper, more versatile, simpler to apply, and do not have to be removed when the foundation has been finished. In this way it guarantees for life a barrier against humidity and a thermal insulation of the foundation.

Flame retardant and environmental-friendly

Polionda® Beamform

Perimetrical coverings of building sites

The continuous research of light and cheap materials have induced the building industry to discover an ideal substitute for the wood used for perimetrical coverings of building sites.
Highly durable against the effects of weather, their weightlessness and solidity have allowed many builders, who were previously forced to close their building sites with rigid panels with or without advert printing, to save money and time.
The low price and convenience of this solution as well as its resistance and durability has drawn a lot of attention from the building market. The various possibilities to re-use the polypropylene sheets have given even more advantages in the employment of this covering solution.

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