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We produces using the most up-to-date technologies, thanks to continuous investments and to our broad experience, united with our great flexibility.



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Oggi, questo speciale prodotto, è indispensabile in tutti i settori: grandi e piccole aziende collaborano...


The frameworks made in corrugated twin wall Polypropylene Polionda® are the practical solution in order to avoid scratches or contact...


Worldwide applications

Meets the new requirements of the food packaging world, which calls for features no longer satisfied by traditional materials.

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Graphic arts
The ideal solution for any printing requirement, thanks to their flatness, surface uniformity and high ink adhesion.

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The versatility of Polionda sheets is particularly appreciated in the field of the building industry.

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Pharmaceutical packaging
Our sheets are the perfect answer to meet the requirements of the Pharmaceutics and Cosmetics sector thanks to our products’ characteristics.

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Industrial packaging
Our sheet has won the approval of leader companies due to its characteristics of reusability, lightness, weatherability and chemical product resistance.

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The success of this application is based on the following factors: low price, cleanliness, reuse and long duration.

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